been made to Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) firmware since the Supplement guide or Administration guide presents ILOM features and tasks. Edit Administrator Groups Table Using the CLI ▽ . Preface. Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager User’s Guide discusses ILOM features and tasks. to the Oracle ILOM section of the administration guide that is Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) provides advanced service.

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As of ILOM 3. The ILOM web interface enables you to monitor and manage local and remote systems. View system power requirements for capacity planning.

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Documentation Library

View and configure CMM power supply redundancy options. Backup and restore the service processor configuration to a remote host or removable storage device in a secure manner. Fault Management and Alert Notification. To get further details, click on a Controller Name. The ILOM web interface navigation structure includes tabs and second-level tabs that you can click to open a specific page.

At a glance, identify the hardware associated with a server or blade chassis. Manage the service processor configuration data. A shared network management port NET located on the server or blade chassis. This tab became available as of ILOM 3.


Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) 3.0 Documentation

Manage the host remotely by redirecting the system console to your local machine. Take advantage of bug fixes and enhancements and improve the overall quality and security of your system by updating to the latest firmware image available for the system BIOS and Oracle ILOM.

Oracle ILOM offers a wide range of standard features to help you manage your system. View and configure the adminstration control information.

View embedded CLI help by issuing the command: This Document Entire Library. Configure the WS-Management settings. Specify a particular timezone so pights timestamps displayed by the service processor can be correlated to logs created elsewhere for example, in the Solaris operating system.

The ILOM web interface is accessible through a browser and uses a standard interface. One of the most powerful features of ILOM is the ability to redirect the server’s graphical console to a local workstation or laptop system.

When entering an IPv6 address into a URL or directory path, the address must be enclosed within brackets to work correctly.

lightss The settings you can view or configure for an individual blade SP are organized in the seven tabs appearing in the right side of the ILOM Web Interface page, as shown in the previous example.


View information for RAID volumes.

Microsoft Windows 98,XP, Vista. Oracle Solaris 9 and When you click the main tab, second-level tabs are displayed, providing you with further options. Choice of Network Management Connection. View and configure a message that appears oyt to log in and login message that appears after user log in.

For more detail about how to use the features and functions on the web pages that appear when you select a tab, see the related chapters in this guide. Launch Oracle System Assistant. Restore backed up configuration properties. Enable or disable Zone Manager settings and reset the Zone Manager password. This chapter introduces the basic information you need to know before you perform procedures using the ILOM web interface.