The GY gyro by Futaba is perhaps the most popular RC helicopter gyro ever. need the manual for the GY, you can grab that here. Manual GY – Robbe Futaba. Manual GY Be the first to rate this product. Recommend · Ask question. Description. Manual GY – Robbe Futaba. CopterX GY Digital Gyro user manual. Thank you for purchasing CopterX GY Gyro! High performance, light weight gyro with AVCS (Angular Vector.

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That leaves two other connectors, one with 3 wires and the other with 1 wire.

Team Futaba Tip #2

Further adjustments are rarely needed as most pilot fly in ACVS mode all the time. Check the servo direction. Wait 4 seconds for the gyro to initialize. Even the best conventional analog and digital servos that Futaba produces pale in comparison to the performance achieved when the gyro is paired with the or servo tail rotor servo.

Some of these options are more confusing than others, sometimes confusing the newcomer and making him or her feel the gyro is a great deal more complicated to set-up than it ever has to be. If not, then flip the reverse switch located on the top of the gyro. The tape works great, use it. The servo needs to rotate clockwise.

The Futaba GY401 Gyro

It should move the servo clockwise which thereby should pull the rudder control link forward. It’s also important that your engine is running good. Then plug the 1 wire connector into channel 5 labeled ‘Gear’ – make manuql the yellow wire is on the signal side.


You have to start up this gyro in heading hold mode.

The Futaba GY Gyro

With the GY there is very little reason to use standard rate mode. The helicopter model and engine must be running smoothly. Pull the link as far forward as it can go then adjust the ‘Limit’ control on the top of the gyro so that the ball on the servo arm centers with the link. For now set both to but later you may need to adjust this down a little to keep the gyro from ‘hunting’. If you are not using a stock tail slider then use the other technique.

It should be solid in AVCS mode.

One direction will set the gain value for heading hold and the other will be for standard rate. This value will yield a mild pirouette rate that can then be increased to suit the taste of the pilot. Turn on the receiver.

The gain select lead is plugged into any unoccupied slot in the receiver that has a corresponding switched channel fy401 the transmitter. Set the tail lever so that an imaginary line drawn from the two screws is parallel to the tail shaft.

Maunal better choice for maunal computerized radios or if you are lacking a spare channel for remote gain would be the Futaba GY or the E-flite G90 for smaller helis. If you didn’t have a programmable computerized radio that you can program in different ATV values for the gain settings, the Futaba GY will not work for you — there are no gain or mode selection options on the gyro case.


In the old days, we ran as much gain as possible without having the tail “hunt” or “wag”.

The ball on the rudder servo is too far away from the center. Confirm that no sub-trim or ATV is present in the transmitter in any flight condition on the rudder channel.

If you the tail wags in a hover then decrease the gain. If it’s not, turn the link clockwise to move it toward the back or manial clockwise to move it forward. You may want it faster or slower so change the value appropiately. The delay trimmer should remain at 0. It avoids the use of any preprogrammed gyro software, because many months of following posts and questions on the various web forums has proven that those software menus sometimes produce more confusion than the set up about to be detailed.

Quick Start Guide for the GY401

manuall With transmitter and receiver turned on, watch the red LED on the gyro after the gyro initializes. That is the difference between one value having a positive value and the other a negative value.

Also keep your tail shaft oiled. The rudder input lead for the gyro is plugged into the rudder channel slot in the receiver. For this setup we will not use the built-in gyro function.