Grundfos Lifelink water solutions confront the global water crisis head-on, meaning solid steps can be taken towards long-term sustainable water solutions. Grundfos Lifelink Water Solutions helps build resilience to the effects of climate change by providing access to safe, sustainable and affordable water. The water fee covers the ongoing service contract where Grundfos LIFELINK takes full responsibility for service and maintenance of the system. Via the remote .

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After that, the village owns the system and may, for example, continue to pay a reduced price for the water in order to cover ongoing service work. Almost half of the residents have trouble getting fresh water.

Grundfos Lifelink projects in Kenya – connecting the link to sustainable water supply | Grundfos

The answer to our questions is yes — if the the lifelijk project llfelink carried out correctly. The company has committed itself to revolutionising the way the poorest in the world access safe drinking water. Grundfos Lifelink water solutions is your link to building an efficient, profitable, reliable, and sustainable water service business. Sign me up for the newsletter. For years, black market cartels have controlled water supply in Nairobi, Kenya.

A last point to remember is to partner up with the right companies and organizations, as they often are the ones who hold or have access to invaluable local resources that could be a success factor of the project.

Grundfos Lifelink – Turning CSR into a Business Opportunity

Combined with well proven solar pumps from Grundfos and a dedicated professional service team on the ground, the Grundfos Lifelink solution was ready to prove the case of long-term sustainability. There are already many local and international charities involved ggrundfos community based water projects, but the problem seems to be there is no long term financing in place, so when the money runs out, local communities are back to contaminated water.

Together with our network of local service partners we can ensure you get the dedicated support you need to achieve long term sustainable operations. Are people in the developing world willing and able to pay for lifelinnk water? While in South-East Asia and Latin America, it could be a combination of a commercial bank loan and part donation.

Solar cells operate the pumps as well as telecommunications and control equipment. And also, with reliable access to clean water every day, I have started a small water business together with my lifrlink, where we bring the water to people who live far away or cannot fetch it themselves.

It builds upon a combination of pump, renewable energy source, mobile phone and mobile banking technologies and is an innovative business model that allows consumers to access water by paying via their mobile for the amount they use. They are showing old world companies and organizations how to tackle new world challenges for the benefit of both humanity and the bottom-line. Watch the video to see what impact the solution made to the people in Mathare. They have both a loan-based and a donation-based financing model and have gone into partnerships with local microfinance institutions, major NGOs like the WFP and the Red Cross, governmental institutions, private foundations, and CSR programmes.


Grundfos Lifelink projects in Kenya – connecting the link to sustainable water supply

Repayment of the loan is made by the users paying for their water via their mobile telephones. Inthe son of the founder, Niels Due Jensen the current Chairman travelled to the developing world and saw for himself that many rural areas had polluted ground water, making the water unsafe grundfow drink. Thirdly, sustainability is also a way of managing potential risks and reducing costs throughout our value chain.

Your email address will not be published. Users pay for their water via their cell phones and a mobile banking facility. Documents News Contact Press Danish. We engage in knowledge sharing to arrive at the right business model for achieving grunxfos viability in water supply operations. The local community owns the system and in addition to clean water they receive part of the profit that is made. Building on 60 years of experience in advanced pump solutions and linking to the strength of mobile connectivity, the engineers of Grundfos developed the automatic water dispenser with an integrated system for revenue collection and an online water management platform for full transparency and remote management.

Grundfos was established in by the late Poul Due Jensen, today it is a truly global company selling more than 16 million pump grunndfos a year and has become a world expert in operating and managing water systems. Byit is hoped overpeople in Kenya will have access to safe drinking water while gryndfos to cut the rate of diarrhoeal diseases. Or go to see the lions in Kenya and then head to the Silicon Valley of Africa?

Currently, million people don’t have access to safe drinking water near their home. The sales responsible for this country is: In this business model, the overall financial and technical sustainability is achieved by operating a larger portfolio of 40 water projects instead of looking at each project individually. In contrast, more people have access to mobile communication than safe water. Contact If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

In our innovation intent, we commit ourselves to putting sustainability first, caring for a growing world, and pioneering new technologies.

Grundfos Lifelink | State of Green

Grundfos LIFELINK truly believes they have found a sustainable way to help millions of the poorest in the world get access to one of the most basic commodities for human survival — water. By combining the engagement of local knowledge, resources, skills and needs with the resources and technologies of commercial companies, the result may be co-creation of unique business models.


The world is filled with unfulfilled community needs as a result of weak public institutions or perceived lack of market opportunity by private actors. Overview Are people in the developing world willing and able to pay for their water? Several ways of financing There are several ways of financing the upfront cost of the LIFELINK business, ranging from a fully commercial model where an entrepreneur or community obtains a loan and buys the system, to a funding based model where government or development organisations donate the system.

Firstly, sustainability is part of our purpose and the way we have done business from the very beginning. His vision was to start targeting rural communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America with a sustainable supply of safe drinking water at affordable prices.

It is just a matter of leveraging your competencies as a company, and of developing original solutions to societal needs.

The users pay for the water with their smart-cards which have been prepaid via their mobile telephones. Grundfos Lifelink water solutions Grundfos is committed to delivering solutions that strengthen reliability and sustainability of water supply in the developing world. Get introduced to the system in this short film. The health status of the community improves, since water borne diseases are reduced considerably.

There are several ways of financing the upfront cost of the LIFELINK business, ranging from a fully commercial model where an entrepreneur or community obtains a loan and buys the system, to a funding based model where government or development organisations donate the system.

Select your country or region: In addition to the repayment, the account which receives the money for the water will allocate a certain amount towards ongoing service and repair work. The concept is undergoing practical tests in in Kenya, after which it will be rolled out to other East African countries — and later on to other parts of the world.

Our vision for sustainable water supply links innovative and holistic solutions with sustainability in four dimensions: The price they pay is in line with government tariffs, and much less that what they used to pay for the dirty water from the dam.

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