“Eugene Ionesco.” Arte Latino. Web. 06 Mar. Gino Gianfranco Rincón Dondi. El Rinoceronte (English, Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Eugene Ionesco ; ; Drama texts, plays, Literature: texts, Language & Literature, Books. Rhinoceros (French: Rhinocéros) is a play by Eugène Ionesco, written in The play was included in Martin Esslin’s study of post-war avant-garde drama.

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Ionesco disliked Jean-Paul Sartre – France’s most famous intellectual in the s – for the way in which he sought to justify Stalin’s murderous violence as necessary for the betterment of humanity as a betrayal of everything that a French intellectual should be, and intended the character of Dudard who always finds excuses for the rhinoceros as a caricature of Sartre who always found excuses for Stalin.

Ionesco satirized Ionesxo Communist intellectuals with the character of Botard, who is clearly the most left-wing character in the play. During the Occupation, the French applied nicknames to the Germans that often used the word vertcalling the Germans haricots verts green beanssauterelles verts green locustsand race verte green race.

As a university student, Ionesco saw one of his professors, Eugeene Ionescu eguene, who taught philosophy at the University of Bucharest, use his lectures to recruit his students into the Legion.

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Isidore and Fricot have four paws. We could organize debates with professors and writers and lawyers, blue-stockings and artists and people and ordinary men in the street as well-it would be very interesting and instructive. Three weeks later, that person would become a Nazi.

The rhinoceroses, rhinoceritis and rhinoceration are current matters and you single out a disease that was born in this century. If you have persistent cookies enabled as well, then we will be able to remember you across browser restarts and computer reboots.


Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. A further attack on Communism was provided by the character of the pipe-smoking intellectual Dudard. He returns to the mirror, face-to-face with his fate and breaks down as he struggles to accept the place he has given himself. Ionesco also intended Rhinoceros as a satire of French behavior under the German occupation of She comes to believe the rhinoceroses are in the right they are truly passionate.

It is at this moment that the first rhinoceros appears.

At the same time, Ionesco also attacked in Rhinoceros the French intelligentsiaa disproportionate number of whom were proud members of the French Communist Party in the s. Ina production of Rhinoceros opened on Broadway, at the Longacre Theater under the eugebe of Joseph Anthony.

Dudard expresses collaborationist feelings to the rhinoceros, saying: If you leave them alone, they just ignore you.

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Alone, he finds himself in the wrong and attempts to change into a rhinoceros. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Rhinoceros play. Romania had a very large intelligentsia relative to its share of the population with 2. Lines such as these show that Ionesco also created the character of Jean as a satire of rinocsronte Iron Guard, which attacked all the humanist values of the modern West as “Jewish inventions” designed to destroy Romania, and claimed that there was a “natural law” in which “true” Romanians would discover their “primal energy” as the purest segment of the “Latin race” and assert their superiority over the “lower races”.

Afterwards, many of the French learned to accept the changes imposed by the German occupation, coming to the conclusion that Germany was Europe’s dominant power and the best that could inesco done was to submit and bow down before the might of the Reich. Ionesco parodied the Legion’s talk of “natural laws” and “primeval values” by putting dialogue that closely resembled the Legion’s rhetoric into Jean as he transforms into a green rhinoceros. At various points in the play, Jean shouts out such lines as “We need to go beyond moral standards!


For the French people, the defeat of June came as a very profound shock, something that they could never imagine would actually happen.

You can’t say they are spiteful”. The American scholar Anne Quinney argues that the play, while obviously not based on real events, was autobiographical, and reflected Ionesco’s own youth in Romania. Berenger claims he will defend her. They proceed to talk about Jeans transformation, alcohol whether or not ionesc immunises you or turns you into a rhinotheir work, Mr. He blames himself and Daisy for contributing, through lack of sympathy, to the transformations of Jean and Papillon, respectively.

They attempt, albeit briefly, to have a normal life amongst the rhinoceroses. For an example, Botard dismisses rhinoceritis as: Cuza claiming the Jews were a foreign and alien body in Romania that needed to be removed. From time to time, one of the group would come out and say ‘I don’t agree at all with them, to be sure, but on certain points, I must admit, for example the Jews Papillon turning into a rhino and the Logician.

Botard professes himself to be the champion of progressive values, saying about the debate in regards to the debate over the superiority of African vs. The play starts in the town square of a small provincial French village. Ionesco stated in an interview that: As the scene progresses, Jean’s skin turns greener and greener, the bumps in his head grow into a horn, his voice grows hoarse and he begins to pace around his apartment like a caged beast.