Boatmurdered is the story of an infamous Dwarf Fortress succession game that originated on Something Awful. Highlights include elephantine. Perhaps the Let’s Play for Dwarf Fortress, Boatmurdered, was a Succession Game played in one-game-year turns by Something Awful members that quickly . What follows is a succession-style Let’s Play of the game Dwarf Fortress. In it, we chronicle the rise and fall of the epic. Dwarven fortress, Boatmurdered. (Actually.

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Different colors indicate different professions. Well at least we’re resting peacefully in our tombs.

New to the game, need an explanation for Boatmurdered : dwarffortress

Then one of the last few dwarves, unhappy from the recent defacement of a masterwork engraving, caught vortress and started a fist fight with another dwarf setting it on fire toocausing a tantrum and insanity spiral that eventually destroyed the whole fortress.

Apparently, showing boztmurdered coordination, a monarch butterfly flew into the door workings just before the time of the attack and jammed it open. In other images, you’ll often see a yellow X somewhere and a command list on the right side of the screen. But the door is stuck open! Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: Then I ran out of designated graveyard space. Then came the food shortages.

Probably underneath elephant remains, in the physical sense. Different boatmyrdered symbols in grey rock walls hoatmurdered represent types of exposed mineral, gems, or ore veins. Seriously, there could not have been a more appropriate end to the saga of Boatmurdered than a gigantic flaming apocalypse for no apparent reason.

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Bronzemurder and Oilfurnace illustrated. Sidebar can still be accessed through the app by tapping the three dots next to the sub name, then clicking community info. They murder dwarves in wonderful fashion. These guys are all boat,urdered recruits, charging off stupidly to their deaths. There was also an animation of Boatmurdered being made by LavaLevel a couple of years ago. The black spaces with symbols like these are areas of the mountain that have yet to be mined.

As said already, it’s a succession game from the old days of DF, the world was 2d and things worked somewhat differently. Perhaps the Let’s Play for Dwarf FortressBoatmurdered, was a Succession Game played in one-game-year turns by Something Awful members that quickly became the stuff of legends.

The elephant is striking down the dwarf. Official List of Madmen A note to my successors: New to the game, need an explanation for Boatmurdered self. They can be crafted into all manner of useful items. In a nutshell, Dwarf Fortress is best described as a 2-D base building game in the theme of Dungeon Keeper. Others will have ground that displays as all periods. Welcome to fucking Boatmurdered! At this point, the rulers are beset by increasingly hostile waves of elephants and goblins who seek to maim every dwarf who leaves the mountain.

The grey blocks to his right represent exposed walls of un-mined rock. And then the lava.

Dwarf Fortress – Boatmurdered

Donation linkPatreon. Things very quickly progressed from somewhat casual daily biatmurdered deaths to retired rulers rampaging and beating people to death while burning alive. For the first several years, Boatmurdered becomes a respectable fortress inhabited by nearly a hundred productive dwarf workers. I have added the occasional editor’s note to clarify things, but mostly I stay out of the way. One of the nice things about boatmurdered is that it gave a legend worth half a damn at the start.

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You can give them a job, but dwarff doesn’t always mean they’ll do it right away. Boatmurdered is the story of an infamous Dwarf Fortress succession game that originated on Something Awful. As the editor says, the madness surrounding Boatmurdered speaks for itself.

What happens next is largely unknown, although it is known many an archaeologist will discover the ruins of Boatmurdered only never to return. You’ll see them all over.

These are siege engines. Dwarves have moods that are affected by the things around them.


One ruler offsets this by constructing a massive device that releases a flood of lava surrounding the fortress, killing all animal and plant life and leaving the fortreess a desolate wasteland. I’m picturing groups of hardy adventurers gearing up to assault the place just based on the barren ash- and skeleton-filled landscape in front of it.

I did not wish to kill him as that would merely lead to a replacement. The players provide excellent explanation of what is going on in each screenshot.

I’ve included a general key to some common items, below; should you find yourself needing one.