Dersu Uzala [Vladimir Arseniev] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Vladimir Klavdievich Arseniev () undertook twelve major scientific .. The character of Dersu Uzala is a composite, according to the introduction, yet. IN THE STEPS OF ARSENIEV: KUROSAWA’S DERSU UZALA AND ITS Russian explorer of Siberia, Vladimir Arseniev, entitled В дебрях Уссурийского.

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Mar 03, Tom rated it it was amazing.

Retracing one explorer’s path-breaking journey through the Russian Far East – Russia Beyond

Akira Kurasawa was inspired by this book to make his Oscar-winning movie Dersu Uzala,George Lukas was inspired by the vladdimir Arseniev puts in Dersu’s mouth to create his character Yoda. More exciting stories and videos on Russia Beyond’s Facebook page. Hushour rated it it was amazing. I love this book and this film about the Russian Far East.

None of this Hollywood Aragorn-patting-grass-where-hobbits-made-love: Refresh and try again.

Vladimir Arsenyev

The meeting of Dersu with modern society of the time era and the resulting interaction is of course an inevitable part of this story. I’d say–read Chad’s page. Want to eat – go buy. Dersu is a member of the Gold tribe–a tribe of hunters of the Russian Far East.

Dersu the Trapper by Vladimir Arsenyev

I have waited to read the book before renting the movie, but I plan to remedy this and get it into my arsenirv soon. Can you imagine walking around the forest, not the jungle, just forest like we have in Vlaidmir and running into one of those things? Anna, 3rd class Recipients of the Order of St. Dersu pulled it out hastily and flung it to the ground.


Dersu saved Arseniev’s life many times.

Retracing one explorer’s path-breaking journey through the Russian Far East

Men [who] never see Amba In keeping vladimor his Nanai beliefs, Uzala, who was nearly mauled to srseniev by a tiger, still revered the animal as the spirit of the wild forests.

Apr 03, Balint Kaman rated it it was amazing. No wonder the natives respected the hell out of nature. I want to revisit my anthropology classes and learn it all again. Modern Chinese skyscrapers as seen from the Amur river embankment in Blagoveshchensk.

For me, the most important aspect of Dersu personality is his animist spirituality – his belief that every living thing has a soul and is talking gently to him, his view that nature is a garden to be nurtured or at least respected, and not an adversary to be conquered. Paperbackpages. The two men would go on to forge a lifelong friendship. Get the week’s best stories straight to your inbox. Check arsejiev double Check!!!

Arseniev, the author, recounts here three expeditions he did along the Sihote Alin and hinterlands between afseniev Russian frontier and the Sea of Japan in the s.

Preview — Dersu arseinev Trapper by Vladimir Arsenyev. Prin taigaua Extremului Orient 2 books. After finishing this book I wondered how much of that pristine forest is left today and how the animals are faring.

In Arsenyev made a special request to the Russian military to send him to the fortress regiment at Vladivostok. But he does this partially because he spent his youth reading American frontier literature like ‘Last of the Mohicans’, and all kinds of other books that talked about American Indians as noble savages, and it was almost like he couldn’t wait to get out to Degsu to find his own noble savages to write about.


I simply had given no thought to indigenous people of most countries other than derau own. Some of the first two expeditions drag a bit because Arseniev has this need to mention every tree and bird that he sees, and what the flowers looked like and what Desru flowers they resemble and what birds were in which tree and wether they were scared of him or didn’t seem to care.

He was the first to describe numerous species of Vladiimir flora and the lifestyles of native ethnic peoples.

During the survey Arseniev would see signs that some animal populations were being depleted because of over-hunting and trapping.

Retrieved from ” https: Arseniev titles his book after one of those native men, Dersu, who has lost his entire family to illness This is a great historical travelogue, a well born Russian officer exploring far eastern Siberia with a guide named Dersu. They can eat it. It was interesting to read about the landscape of that part of the world in a time when Russian, Chinese, and Korean settlers were interacting with nomadic people there. Consider also that the movie won an Oscar for the best foreign language film.

Dec 08, Adrian rated it it was amazing.

Arsenyeva town located in Primorsky Kraiwas named after him. The final stop on the Arsenyev trail is Sikhachi-Alyana village about 50 miles north of Khabarovsk on the banks of the Cersu River.

I can’t wait to watch the Akira Kurosawa movie again.