Econométrie de la production sur données de panel et dispersion des prix de autres immobilisations corporelles, immobilisations en cours et avances et. 3 avr. Econométrie des données de panel. Crédit: 3 ECTS. Langues du cours: français et anglais Chapter 3 – Specification tests on panel data. Université Catholique de Louvain – DESCRIPTIF DE COURS – ( censored or truncated) cross section and panel data models. économétrie.

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This will be useful for the laboratory sessions and the actual empirical work. Pre-requisites Introductory econometrics and statistics.

Seifallah Sassi – Citations Google Scholar

Evaluation First attempt Exam: Stock and Watson is an excellent introduction to econometrics. De Grauwe et Polan The course also discusses how to apply these methods in actual data. We will econommetrie look at the literature on program evaluation, a literature that has shaped ideas on the causal analysis in non-experimental settings.

This work is proposing to come out with the impact of the search for a greater credibility by the central bank of the sub-region on economic growth. The course is based on notes I have compiled over the years.

current syllabus — HEC Lausanne

That is how in CEMAC zone, we have seen monetary reforms which going implicitly in pznel direction of reinforcing independence and therefore central bank credibility in terms of the realisation of stability of price objective.


Participants learn to apply econometrics and document that skill either by solving efonometrie and theoretical exercises. Reproduction and distribution subject to the approval of the copyright owners. The problem set grade that reflects your performance as the course goes on. Pierre St-Amant et tessier D. This course discusses econometric methods used frequently in empirical work in economics and management. Bruce Hansen provides an excellent graduate oanel for free here.

You will then apply these coding skills to problem sets where you will study data to answer real life questions.

The laboratory sessions will introduce you to coding in Stata, coours of the most frequently used software package.

The applications grade reflects your capacity to analyze data.

How do we built it? This leads to recommend a monetary policy geared towards the amelioration of CEMAC zone economic growth with the constraint of price stability. This equation in which is added a simple index of monetary policy credibility previously constructed has been the basis of our empirical investment.

Price Stability Objectives and Economic Growth: The lecture discusses traditional topics in applied econometric analysis of single equation models such as review of key concepts, linear regression, instrumental variables, panel data analysis.

References The course is based on notes I have compiled over the years. Contents The course has lecture and laboratory sessions. Angrist and Pischke is the core reference of program evaluation methods. Baum contains an excellent introduction to applied econometrics using stata. pwnel


Verbeek provides a non-technical overview of modern econometrics. Autumn Semester4. The estimation in panel data based re World Bank and Central African State Bank data covering CEMAC zone and — periods leads to a contrary result with respect to the previous study hypothesis; According to that hypothesis monetary policy credibility may have a positive impact on economic growth.

The latest current of classic school has put emphasis on central bank credibility and therefore monetary policy credibility paanel factor of efficiency of the monetary policy in terms of realisation of final objective.

The final grade is your re-take exam grade. Objectives This course discusses econometric methods used frequently in empirical work in economics and management.

All papers reproduced by permission. Your final grade is an average of the economstrie, weighted as follows. WatsonIntroduction to Econometrics, Pearson Education.

Master 2 Ind. Sustainable Territorial Development (STeDe)

Hansen, Bruche, Econometrics, lecture notes, download: The final-exam grade reflects your knowledge of econometrics. In this zone, we note low growth rate merged with controllable inflation rate, sign of efficiency and credibility. The theoretical econometric model used is an endogenous growth model derives from Solow model.

You will receive three grades.

Eyal Argov and Others