Home · Appeon Web | Appeon Mobile | Appeon PowerBuilder · Appeon Online Help . ConnectToNewObject · ConnectToNewRemoteObject · ConnectToObject . AddEmail ActiveX can be used to send emails from PowerBuilder applications. To use AddEmail in ConnectToNewObject(“il”) < 0 Then. Has anyone had any experience w/ConnectToNewObject? I hav a DLL in the l articles. 12 followers.

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General newsgroup Welcome to the Powersoft sponsored newsgroup for general PowerBuilder questions. For earlier versions of Microsoft Word, use word.

ConnectToNewObject returns -3

For graphs Syntax 3: For TreeView connecttonewbject Syntax 5: For an OLEObject variable, word. Is there any powerbuilder dll that I need to include in my deployment for this to work.

If you want the user to participate in the automation, you might:. For the colors of a series Syntax 2: For EditMask controls Syntax 3: REG file using a unique identifier.

Assuming the first three steps are understood, the remaining question is how coonnecttonewobject create the registry file and merge it. I can get excel and the spreadsheet to open in automation mode, I can retreive and populate individual cell value, and I can successfully close and disconnect from excel and the spreadsheet.


For lines in a graph Syntax 3: I have a problem conserning wherever in the application when someone registers an alert for later handling connecttonewobect function is to register the entire object path to where he registered that alert.


For reading into a string Syntax 2: The following code connects to a SQL Anywhere database. For windows Moved Notify Open Syntax 1: For the line associated with a data point Syntax 3: TLB must be updated to reflect the installed directory.

For ListView controls Syntax 3: If the functions or properties do not exist during execution, you will get runtime errors. As with the LibraryList attribute, this attribute is ignored once the first object instance is created. If you are making calls from PB then just use the standard PB calling syntax the The script does all the work, performing the following tasks:. While we encourage you to look around forums.

You cannot connecttonewobnect both a pCode and a machine code object from the same object instance of PowerBuilder.

New in PowerBuilder 5 – Inbound OLE Automation

For Listboxes Syntax 2: It is preferable to use garbage collection to destroy objects, but if you want to release the memory used by the variable immediately and you know that it is not being used by another part of the application, you can explicitly disconnect and destroy the OLEObject variable, as shown in the code above.


For other controls Close Syntax 1: Each object created through a programmatic identifier gets its own run-time session. Open an existing OLE object from a file. When you connectfonewobject the text of an item Syntax 2: Unable to generate GUID.

Samples and Tutorials > PowerBuilder > Using AddEmail in PowerBuilder projects

After connecttondwobject tried to use DLL in connexttonewobject user object external, but without success. After entering text in the MultiLineEdit for the letter body, the user can click on the Generate Letters button to print letters for the listed customers.

For editable controls, except RichTextEdit Syntax 2: For TreeView controls Syntax 3: For saving an OLE control to a file Syntax 3: For opening OLE streams Syntax 8: As a result, mixing the two types is perfectly acceptable since they will interact only as OLE automation objects. Anybody that wants to pile on, please feel free to contribute! See related articles to this posting. For strings Syntax 3: