A Christian Bahira legend. Richard Gottheil. Published Online: | DOI: Bahira or Sergius the Monk to the Latin West, was an Arab Arian, Nestorian or possibly Gnostic In the Christian tradition Bahira became a heretical monk, whose errant views inspired the Qur’an. K. Szilágyi, Muhammad and the Monk: The Making of the Christian Baḥīrā Legend, Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam A Christian Bahira legend. Main Author: Gottheil, Richard J. H. Language(s): English. Published: New York, Note: Reprint from Zeitschrift für.

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The martyr Sergius is connected with Chosroes: Murre-van den Berg and T.

A Christian Bahira legend.

For medieval European examples, see Daniel, Chrietian and the West, pp. John of Damascus on Islam: This omission from A1, however, seems to be part of its redactor’s comprehensive attempt to make the text more coherent see other examples of this below ; therefore, the passage should be regarded as belonging to the common material M.

Volume 80 Issue Janpp.

When God saw this idolatry in the world, [he had pity] upon mankind, and sent them the prophets, who turned the people from the idolatry of the demons to a know- ledge of the truth, and the worship of one God. I wor- ship God. Digitized by Google A Christian Bahira legend.

Volume 14 Issue Jahresband Janpp.

A Christian Bahira Legend

Volume 82 Issue 1 Janpp. At that time men will become food for wild beasts and fowl and birds. There are some of them who have embraced this my way of life.

Through literary, historical, archaeological, and engendered readings, this collection of essays presents a multidisciplinary analysis of rabbinic texts. They will uproot cities, will call them by their [own] names; will increase and dwell in the land of Sen’ar. Seat thyself among them and say, ‘this day the Lord will send 3 you from heaven a great book, laws and statutes, by which you shall be guided all your life’.


It evidently groes back to the same original as does B, to which I have given its variant readings. Mas’adl’s Meadows of Gold, tr. Sahas, John of Damascus on Islam, pp. Volume 54 Issue Jahresband Janpp. Then I went to Chosroes, king of Persia, and I did in his presence as the angel had commanded me. They will pursue the sons of Ishmael, and will drive them to the wilderness of Yathrib, having no mercy upon them, nor showing them grace, neither upon the old men, nor upon the young men.

As is apparent from the above summary, the common material M consists of four distinct units: Only four of the 18 Syriac manuscripts 11 ES and 7 WS were copied before the end of the nineteenth century, but most Christian Arabic ones are centuries older 3 A1, 8 A2, and 3 unknown recensions.

Who is the Holy Spirit? Volume 75 Issue 1 Jan vhristian, pp. Man, in whom God dwelt: One day, I was standing at the well, for the purpose of drawing water — three weeks of days after my having spoken with them.

Then Mohammed opened his mouth and said to Sar- gis: Now when Mabmad heard from Sargis that he had prophecied about his family, about himself and his tribe, he asked him in regard to his bauira. These transmitters were active from the second half of the eighth to the late ninth century CE.

If the redactor of M had used the Muslim Bah. In the second part I will take a closer look at the most in uential counter-historical episode, the story of Muh. I shall write a book for thee and shall teach thee. To this Mahdi the tribes of the Ishmaelites will be subservient.

They placed him with great honor in a house, 1 and closed the door upon him, in order to see what would happen to him. Volume 87 Issue 1 Janpp. Volume 24 Issue Jahresband Janpp. Volume 21 Issue Jan elgend, pp. For a collection of references to these latter astrologers, see Hoyland, Seeing Islam, p.


After three days they all gathered together, and opened the door of the house, in order to see what had happened to the pro- phet of God. All kingdoms and tribes of the sons of Ishmael will hope for him.

Catalog Record: A Christian Bahira legend | Hathi Trust Digital Library

English View all editions and formats Rating: These were elgend not the proclaimed opinions of those most dependent on the goodwill of the Muslims; like Patriarch Timothy d. Build a house for God; pray five times during the day and two chrkstian night, during your whole life; sound the clapper.

I learned the following from his disciple Hakim the white? The wheat will be gathered into the stores of the house of God, the mansions of the legnd. The Spirit of God descended from heaven, and took on a human 1 body from the virgin, who bore a son without copulation.

Then they will wake up as from a sleep; and will stand — one opposite the other. Or, we may think of the following tradition of Mohammed, “Le monde ne s’en ira pas jusqu’a ce qu’un homrae de ma famille regne sur les Bahhira A second and perhaps better possibility is provided by the passage quoted above: For god called Assyria a rod.

Alternatively, could perhaps the encounter episode of A2 have been part of the original M instead of the one in the synoptic recensions? Chosrau asked me saying, how didst thou go to Maurice, king of the Romans, and what didst thou say unto him? They will not have pity either upon the old or upon sucklings.