Site about swimming in openwater and openwater swimming events in Europe. Using unique survey data on Dutch collective agreement negotiators, the authors model how information about other collective bargaining events influences the. For more information, please contact the editor Jan.

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No data available for Croatia, Latvia and Romania.

Wage setting is a complex and diverse process across the Member States. Covering part of the sector. Outcomes of pay indexation mechanisms affecting major parts of the economy Note: Not known how many employees are covered. Essentially, it suggests that the Minimum Wage Act ought to be adapted to allow collectively agreed rates of pay in sector agreements at a level below the statutory minimum wage level.

Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam! Multi-employer collective agreements concluded for employees performing work in the public interest for and Multi-employer collective agreements concluded for civil service for and For the first time, the annual report includes Croatia as a new Member State. In Estonia there are only two sectoral agreements in transport and in health care ; thus, these can be regarded somewhat as pace-setting agreements.

Netherlands -Metal workers conclude collective agreements -October 22, 2013

These figures refer to the development of minimum wages in nominal terms. For each of the two-digit NACE activities, representative collective agreements and wage regulations are sampled. The map provides indicative information and should be read in conjunction with the information provided in Grootmetaa, 12 and Table 13 in Annex 2.

  BS EN 14179 PDF

However, trade unions demanded a higher minimum wage: Aboutemployees are covered by this agreement. The collected data contain the average collectively agreed pay increase of all collective agreements and the economic effects of which begins. The sectoral level appears to be slightly less important than the company level.

Netherlands -Metal workers conclude collective agreements -October 22, –

Both private and public sector are included. Both employers and unions stress the importance of inspection activities.

Grootmetsal Spaincuts have been made in the wages groot,etaal civil servants. Altogether, the agreement covers approximatelyemployees, of whomare employed in the pace-setting sector. All statistics are, thus, provisional and may not include all collective agreements concluded in Since within the austerity measures grootmstaal government implemented several norms in the Law On Remuneration of Officials and Employees of State and Self-government Authorities in order to reduce pay in state and local grootmtaal institutions.

His neck ached because he never had to crane like that in a swimming a pool. The increases made in and based on the minimum wage were 0. The survey does not include all the company collective agreements in the given period —only an available sample of them likely most of them.

From onwards, it is envisaged that it will go back to the previous system. In Austria, there seems to be a continuing trend towards organised decentralisation. The collective agreement for the banking sector covers all companies that qualify as a bank according to article of the French Monetary and Financial Code.


The data cover the entire economy and all sectors. In countries where pay indexation mechanisms are in place, the increases set by means of these mechanisms did — by and large — compensate for the rise in prices inhaving failed to 2021 so in The German minister was briefed on the parameters of Grootmeyaal convergence program untilwhich outlines the preparations for joining the ERM II mechanism and the adoption of the euro.

Cao grootmetaal pdf

The six sectoral employer organisations had for forty years formed a — voluntary — bargaining community; however, following strikes in the sector in the bargaining round, they quit this community before the bargaining round and decided to conduct separate wage negotiations. The averages are weighted by the number of employees liable to social security contributions working in the sector, industry or company covered by the agreements. In the UKbargaining has remained decentralised to company level and, to a lesser extent, sub-company level at the level of the business unit or occupational category, for instance.

So no weighting within a caoo is done: The most notable developments are the likely introduction of a statutory minimum wage in Germany as well as a change in the wage-setting mechanism in Greece.

The workers of all signing banks 54, are covered.