In her chilling third novel, Yovanoff (The Space Between) combines supernatural horrors with others that are all too human. Hannah Wagnor is. Dear Brenna Yovanoff: I read your debut novel, The Replacement, a couple years ago and loved it. I put your sophomore effort, The Space. Review: Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff. Been waiting a long time for this book. Finally got to read it:) It was different from what I thought it.

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Aug 08, Giselle rated it really liked it Shelves: Though told from a first person point of view the emotions of all the characters are portrayed beautifully – which is very very difficult to pull off. Patrick Hodges, Staff Reviewer. Being my first Yovanoff book, let’s just say that I now consider myself a fan. I want to write a full review of this, because it was so good and interesting, and I think it wasn’t what I was expecting, but in some ways it was better.

View all 19 comments. Karen Klein, Staff Reviewer. Finny; misunderstood, rebel, deep and willing to fight anyone in his way, vallentine, suspected murder even. When we first see him, he’s wearing a wife beater, even.

There are some valehtine of the mystery, as well as the motive, I wish had been given deeper meanings or explanations, though, seeing this is a stand-alone. But he turns out to be a real softy. It’s just there, you know. I liked that about her, her ability to keep her thoughts to herself even when other people would probably explode, even when the silence would become awkward and stiff.

Instead, Paper Valentine is about a girl and a ghost and relationships and imperfect people. For brehna, Hannah is being haunted by Lillian, the ghost of her best friend. Mostly though, I believe vaalentine them because my best friend died six months ago and now she’s with me all the time, materialising silently out of the shadows, creeping closer, reaching out. Jan 03, Shambhawi P. He kisses my temple again, only this time he leaves his mouth there.


Her life up to this point has been black and white, always obedient to life and its rules. But Hannah can never go back to normal; she still sees and talks to Lillian, well her ghost anyway. Jun 24, Lindsey added it Shelves: Nov 28, Leigh Collazo rated it it was ok Shelves: Paper Valentine As other reviewers have said, readers in search of a murder mystery should not pick up Paper Valentine in hopes of an enthralling chase to unmask a serial killer.

Her mind is always racing, but her mouth stays firmly shut. I’m not entirely sure why it didn’t fully work for me.

It’s something I have heard in the news a time or two and I always think the world must be coming to an end. There was some nice solving crime type thing in this one! Ray Vs the Meaning of Life. But as that failed to happen and the formerly well-paced reading turned into a slog I realized that Brenna had spread herself too thin in Paper Valentine. Plus, it skirted so close to Instalove that we might as well call it one. That in itself is understandable and creates more of a forbidden, untouchable aspect to the situation.

Paper Valentine

Furthermore, it never explains why Hannah is the only one who can see the ghosts. This is my first book by Brenna Yovanoff, and I was not disappointed. I liked the progression of their relationship. Maybe the best part for me was seeing the relationship between MC Hannah and her deceased best friend Lillian who stayed with her as a ghost.


Paper Valentine | Brenna Yovanoff

Latest Book Listings Added. Nov 08, Laura rated it it was ok Shelves: It makes her a very interesting character study, giving it several layers. She is literally a ghost, and she pxper currently haunting Hannah. Who she was, who she is as a ghost, and what their relationship meant.

To be honest, I can’t quite wrap my head around this book.

For me, the major seller of this book was the paper heart cut-outs left by the killer with his victims. I practically went all freakish as I always try to avoid ghost stories.

I have “A Paper Valentine” from the library in my room right now but I’m reluctant to read it. Jan 08, Maggie Stiefvater rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think the ghost’s relationship with Hannah is the most outstanding part of this novel. I’m not entirely too sure how I feel about the inclusion of Lillian’s ghost and of the various flashbacks and laments about what killed her.

Authorial presence in this book is kept to a minimum.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Certainly, a much more outstanding social voice than Hannah, yet before this book starts, she suicided, and it absolutely devastated Hannah. I do know what my favorite stuff was – and although the mystery and thriller part was pretty cool, it was not my favorite part. I had no idea where the story was going to go, and I loved that about it.

Did we ever really get to know anyone? I almost want to give it a three, ’cause I did sort of like it in parts.