Flaccid paralysis is an illness characterized by weakness or paralysis and reduced muscle tone The term acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) is often used to describe a sudden onset, as might be found with polio. AFP is the most common sign of. Nationwide AFP (acute flaccid paralysis) surveillance is the gold standard for often confirms wild poliovirus infections in the absence of cases of paralysis. To thoroughly describe the clinical, laboratory, and electrodiagnostic features of this paralysis syndrome, we evaluated acute flaccid paralysis that developed in.

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Relationship between occurrence of Guillain-Barre syndrome and mass campaign of measles and rubella immunization in Iranian 5—14 years old children. D ICD – Neurologic examination showed normal cognition, asymmetric flaccid paralysis of the left arm and leg with absent reflexes, hyporeflexic weakness of the right arm and leg, and weakness of bulbar muscles Table 2.

WHO-recommended standards for surveillance of selected vaccine preventable diseases. This study was conducted to describe flacci characteristics of patients reported with AFP, and to evaluate the performance of the surveillance system in Kurdistan province, western Iran, using indicators recommended by the World Health Organization WHO.

Acute Flaccid Paralysis and West Nile Virus Infection

The study was done during January to December BMJ ; Venomous snakes that contain neurotoxic venom such as kraitsmambasand cobras can also cause complete flaccid paralysis. Kurdistan has the largest common border with Iraq and may be the portal tray of poliomyelitis from this country. In WNV-infected birds, lesions and viral antigen were most prominent in the cerebellum and the gray matter of the spinal cord This syndrome occurs throughout the world with an annual incidence of 0.


A years surveillance of poliomyelitis and acute flaccid paralysis in Fars Province, Southern Iran. The term acute flaccid paralysis AFP is often used to describe a sudden onset, as might be found with polio. Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit, The effective surveillance system in Kurdistan and its evaluation may serve as a model for the surveillance of other infectious diseases.

This happens because C. Electrodiagnostic studies showed absent CMAPs and profound denervation with no voluntary activation in muscles of the right arm.

Acute Flaccid Paralysis

Myopathy, demyelinating polyneuropathy, and diffuse axonal polyneuropathy were not apparent. Search our Website Search for: J Infect Dis ; Suppl 2: Upon transfer to a rehabilitation center on day 30, the patient had asymmetric weakness in the legs and right arm and moderate weakness in neck flexors and facial muscles. Roshani Acquisition of data, patient selection and follow up: Mild febrile illness develops in approximately 1 in 5 infected persons; more severe neurologic flacxid, mostly meningitis or encephalitis, occurs in and 1 in 1 — 4.

Global Polio Eradication Initiative: Wcute observational study was flacfid from January to December at the Kurdistan Center for Disease Control and the Department of Pediatrics. Our public health staff made regular weekly visits to hospitals and all private medical clinics to search for AFP cases which may have been overlooked or misdiagnosed.

Failed to submit comment. On the basis of serologic data, three of the patients were classified as confirmed case-patients patients 4, 6, and 7 and four as probable case-patients patients 1—3, 5according to the national case definition Diffuse axonal polyneuropathy was not evident, despite a slight sensory loss in the distal extremities.

Because isolation of NPEV now depends solely on RD cells, annual rates for most laboratories are expected to be lower than in previous years. The initial specimen for one patient patient 5, Table 1 was tested with a slightly modified IgM antibody assay at a commercial laboratory Causes of AFP are listed in Table 1 below. If the cause of a case of AFP could not be determined at the provincial level, the case was referred to the NEC, which was responsible for the final diagnosis.


This is in contrast to an upper motor neuron lesionwhich often presents with spasticityalthough claccid on this may present with flaccid paralysis. Other performance indicators have met WHO criteria with regard to AFP rate, timeliness of reporting, and adequate epidemiological investigations Table 2.

Association of Campylobacter jejuni infection and GuillainBarre syndrome: Most human infections with West Nile virus WNVa flavivirus within the Japanese encephalitis virus antigenic complex, are clinically inapparent 12. Discussion The clinical and electrodiagnostic findings in these adalsh with WNV infection suggest involvement of spinal cord gray matter, specifically anterior horn cells, and a resulting acute poliomyelitis-like syndrome.

Commun Dis Intell ; 23 5: Report all cases meeting clinical criteria without delay. All patients had acute onset of asymmetric weakness and areflexia but no sensory abnormalities. Hypotonia and areflexia were noted in all limbs. Retrieved from paralydis https: BMC Neurol ; 7: Infections of the central nervous system.

In one stool sample, vaccine poliovirus was isolated. Manage according to the appropriate guideline for the relevant suspected or confirmed causative agent.