Acadiana is a region of Louisiana, in the south and south west of the state. From West to East, Acadiana can be broken into five distinct and unique regions, where Cajun and Creole peoples adapted unique aspects from Map of Acadiana. English: The traditional 22 parishes in Southern Louisiana, USA, that belong to the Acadiana Region with the “Cajun Heartland USA”. Maps: Louisiana Parishes, Tourist Regions & Acadiana Parishes. Map of LA Parishes. See LIST of Louisiana Parishes with Dates of Creation, Created From and.

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Acadiana Parishes | Center for Louisiana Studies

He is “up front” and “main stream. It has a templatebut there is not enough information present. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Lafayette Lafayette is a city in Louisiana. The term eventually came to apply only to the northern part of the coast in what is now Canada and New England. Views Read Edit View history. Cajuns are the descendants of 18th-century Acadian exiles from what are now Canada’s Maritime Provincesexpelled by the British and New Englanders during and after the Acadlna and Indian War see Expulsion of the Acadians.

Acadiana is the birthplace of Cajun food. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licenseexcluding photos, directions and the map.

River Parishes The parishes on the west bank of the Mississippi River forms this region.

This made Gustav preparations the largest evacuation in Louisiana history, and one of the most successful evacuations in the nation’s history. Many rural communities held a weekly boucheriewhich is a communal butchering regino an animal, often a pig. Colonial Wars and Aboriginal Peoples”. Acadiana is a reference to the large population of Acadians, descendants of French speakers expelled from Nova Scotia by the British. Comprised of Iberia, Lafayette, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana Geography of St.


Pre-Civil War, there were hundreds of wealthy plantations along this trail, growing mostly sugar cane. Much of what is labeled “Cajun” elsewhere including other parts of Louisiana!

Essays on their History and CultureLafayette, La. As Brasseaux wrote, “The oldest of the pioneer communities We conclude that plaintiff is protected by Title VII’s ban on national origin discrimination. US and state highways also cross the region. Seafood, especially shellfish, is still very popular in the region and remains a dominant feature of ma classic Cajun dishes like seafood gumbo and court boullion.

Tour bus companies are great, but you sign up for a specific itinerary. University Press of Mississippi. About 3, Acadians had been deported to France during the Great Upheaval. In total, almost two million people along the Louisiana coast were evacuated in over two days.

The acadiba of Cajun festivals include a fais do-do “go to sleep” in French, originating from encouraging children to fall asleep in the rafters of the dance hall as the parents danced late into the night or street dance, usually to a live local band. From Alexandria to the coast and Baton Rouge to Lake Charlesthere were reports of massive power failures and flooding.

University of Toronto Press.

Listen — and dance to — some Cajun and Zydeco music. James Parish, Louisiana Geography of St. Not all Cajuns descend solely from Acadian exiles who settled in south Louisiana in the 18th century, as many have intermarried with other groups.

Acadiana Parishes

Some Cajun parishes, such as Evangeline and Avoyellespossess relatively few inhabitants of Acadian origin. Visitors from other English or French speaking regions may struggle with stronger local accents. See, for example, Eaux. Most notable was the flooding south of Louisiana Highway 14 and the communities there.


Since the mids, relations between the Cajuns of the U. In the culture, a coup de main French for “to give a hand” is an occasion when the community gathers to assist one of their members with time-consuming or arduous tasks. Louisiana History 48 spring The Cajuns retain a unique dialect of the French language and numerous other cultural traits that distinguish them as an ethnic group.

Today, numerous business, governmental and nonprofit organizations incorporate Acadiana in their names, e. The total death toll from Gustav in Acadiana was limited. Courir de Mardi Gras. Map Hotels Photos Directions.

Bankston III have maintained that the preservation of Cajun ethnic identity is a result of the social class of Cajuns. This region travel guide to Acadiana is an outline and may need more content.

John The BaptistSt. They preceded the Acadians. While Lower Louisiana had been settled by French colonists since the late 17th century, the Cajuns trace their roots to the influx of Acadian settlers mp the Great Expulsion from their homeland during the French and British hostilities prior to the Seven Years’ War to Samuel de Champlain fixed the orthography with the ‘r’ omitted in the 17th century.

Many Acadians moved to the region of the Atakapa in present-day Acaadina, often travelling via the French colony of Saint-Domingue now Haiti.