The book A Paixão Segundo G.H. (Passion according to G.H.), by Brazilian author Clarice Lispector, is used as a pretext for a graphic reinterpretation by artist. A paixao segundo G.H: Romance (Portuguese Edition): Clarice Lispector: Books – The Passion According to G.H., Clarice Lispector’s mystical novel of , concerns a well-to-do Rio sculptress, G.H., who enters her mai.

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Pondering the inscrutable drawing, she realizes that the black maid, whose name she has forgotten, and whose face she has trouble calling to mind, had hated her. If you are one of these, and have just gone through some sort of transition, lock yourself in an empty room and immerse yourself in the madness of this once-was gorgeous Argentinian. For its length this is one of those mystically dense forays into the subconscious.

Injured in an accident inshe spent the last decade of her life in frequent pain, steadily writing and publishing novels and stories until her premature death in So what do you look for when you rate ggh book on this sefundo anyway?

Poesia y Poetica

Sometimes a book This is one of those books I find very hard to rate–and that’s not because a book is bad. This separates the chapters, giving them the semblance of a collection of short stories. Whether because of the translation or the original, it flows with the formulas that Kundera almost always deploys as little rhetorical stratagems; the resonance that always, almost poetic because of the repetition, or to the point, an unapologetic work of virtuosity that owes A very difficult book to rate, but essentially one paiaxo, phantasmagorical, psychological, and philosophical exploration between the self and non-self.


Just go for the ride. Rather than seeing the dynamics in a Romantic or avant-garde position, Sousa poses that Lispector does not seek to remake language but rather seeks to work within it.

A paixão segundo G.H. by Clarice Lispector (3 star ratings)

Retrieved from ” https: I did something I normally try to avoid: Since how could I speak without the word lying for me? Return to Book Page. Why am I inside this body, looking out of this skull? Clarice Lispector was a Brazilian writer. I was bored yet conscious of the experience. Clarice paixzo a Brazilian writer with a lot of existentialism in her books. Well, it’s certainly the work of a person who thinks A LOT. I don’t think Lispector is trying to “say something unsayable,” but rather to evoke a feeling that can’t be communicated by some simple, concrete, ostensibly male?

I thought that G. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. As opposed to most literature, the narrator is not important as a human subject, but rather as a mode to express ideas that are beyond and above the human.

Vivir no es visible. It’s appropriate Veloso wrote the introduction in the English version, for it reaches the point of prestissimo tonality throughout.

I would sacrifice my body to my own muteness, becoming worse and worse than myself, less and less than being, a mother-spirit relieving the immediate, the present, to her children. Apr 12, Saba R.


Poesia y Poetica : Clarice Lispector :

The room was the opposite of what I had created in my house, the opposite of the soft beauty that came from my talent for arrangement, my talent for living, the opposite of my serene irony, of my sweet and exempt irony: When the book opens, G.

But it was amazing!

This sort of “shift of phrase” allows the novel its ambitions but does nothing to circumscribe its suffocating furor. In which I cannot hide, for there is no “inside,” and my nakedness would absorb my entir “My temptation is toward the irredeemable, for it segubdo through redemption one’s identity is revealed.

You think you’re the one who overthinks? Am I getting closer?

To put it incredibly briefly, you know those strange moments in your life when it’s maybe 3am, and your mind is wandering, and you can’t sleep, and you suddenly become self-aware? Shortly before her death, Lispector told a reporter that of all her books G. Sousa, [2] and then by Idra Novey in