Hello to everyone, I took my tranny down from the x5 is, due to jolt gears when hot!, and i am about to order the rebuild kit for it,i. ZF 5HP24 Custom Rebuild Bundle. This Will Include Every Possible Item Needed to Correctly Rebuild and Update Your Transmission. Input Clutch Drum. Find great deals for 5hp24 AUDI BMW VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT Transmission Rebuild Overhaul Kit TA. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I did it – rebuilt a 5hp24 [Archive] – Forums

Found the part numbers for those tubes,in the spare pdf book, Now just need to find out where to get them ,as at ctsc did not see them,and if any tools are need it to pull them out. Actually I didnt mean that end float: This usually means too much clearance between converter pads and flex plate. Alsoi see some people talking about a manual,is that the zf 5hp24 repair manual? Something I’ll add for those tebuild want to try this.

I guess those pipes are on page 52 in repair manual ,now need to 5hpp24 what part numbers they are. Visit test point’s homepage!

Notes from a recent transmission rebuild (ZF 5HP24)

Only what Kirt told me D Have only taken one apart to see where it failed. The drum is breaking in the snap ring area due to un-commanded pressure spikes. Now I want to rebuild an engine. What guides did you use for the dissasembly and examination procedure? It has the same zf5hp24 and probably a drum problem as well. The VB can easily be removed once the pan is off the tranny and once benched the process to replace VB components is straightforward.


Transmission Rebuilding ZF 5HP24 (advice need it) –

This was discussed in a few days ago on this forum: The Sonnax rwbuild pressure regulator valve kit K restores valve-to-bore clearances so the pressure regulator valve can maintain correct pressures. Wear at the spring end of the bore allows line pressure to exhaust resulting in low line pressure, soft shifts and burnt clutches.

My 01 XJ8 is just starting to chatter and sometimes jerk when accelerating from a stop. Will you start tear down with valve body first or the internal part from the TC side? Find all posts by sar98vdp. The slideshow came out weird, you have to go backwards to see the forward progression.

The F drum houses a clutch in the transmission, so no relation to the piston in question. Have a long, clean workbench to lay it all out on. D Just curious if you had to check any tolerances and use different shims to take up any ‘slack’.

My experience was this approach would have been a mistake as I found shavings and chunks of metal in several places in the transmission and valve body plus the residual fluid was contaminated with suspended metal particles – which I’m sure would have resulted in another failure failure quickly if they hadn’t been removed. Your question will be posted in:. I’d like to hear some details about how you blocked up the car how high? Let me know if you are looking for an M62TU to rebuild.


I did fix my first gear slippage problem but it only stays in first gear Now that we had a repeatable event 5hhp24 connected DIS and ran through the test procedures.

5hp24 AUDI BMW VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT Transmission Rebuild Overhaul Kit T13202A

All the cooling stuff. Most of this was the TC due to its weight. Wasn’t in a hurry as it really is our winter driver. Same search today shows lot of vendors with rebuilt units at good prices.

It has k miles on it, it really did not need a rebuild. I looked at three different documented DIY jobs posted up on the Internet. We had already measured from the tranny plug to the EGS plug and each wire came in at under 1 ohm. Thanked 1, Times in Posts.

Thank you Scott for the post. Sounds like the end result was as rebuuild as or better than a rebuild from all but the best shops.